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Cheap is not best.

Holbrook & Co believe that businesses involved in home moving have to work harder to ensure they win business. Otherwise they risk losing out in a sluggish market. Consumers feel that Conveyancers take care of the most laborious admin tasks, and ensure their money is being moved around safely and efficiently. However, Conveyancers should also understand that consumers want consultancy throughout each stage of the process. This is why Holbrook & Co provide regular, detailed information and updates throughout the transaction, to reassure clients that progress is being made, and that they have not been forgotten!

Posted: 04-06-2018

Leasehold advice service launched

Following all the recent adverse publicity regarding new build leasehold properties, we have launched a new leasehold advice service. If you are concerned about any aspect of owning your Leasehold property, or simply would like to speak to someone for advice and reassurance, please give us a call on 01925 444422 or email enquiries@holbrookandco.com and we will be happy to assist you.

Posted: 09-04-2018

Is there a change in the air when it comes to agents recommending lawyers?

The fee the client pays has the agents fee deducted, the panel managers cut for “administration” taken and in some arrangements, the lawyer receives only £200 of a £700 fee. This require the lawyers to carry an increased caseload and high caseloads have a direct impact on service levels.
However, there is good news on the horizon for the better conveyancers. The threat of referral fees being outlawed in their entirety and the competitive pressures of the online-only agents bringing each transaction into sharp relief seems to be focusing attention to what really matters – Completions.
Many agents are changing their focus towards better completion rates and good working relationships, rather than just referral fees.

Posted: 06-02-2018

Residential transactions in England and Wales fell by nearly 15% last year, new Land Registry figures suggest.

But, Holbrook & Co have increased their market share in each of the last 3 years, completely bucking the national trend, placing themselves in a strong position to attract residential conveyancing transactions in the Warrington and Cheshire property markets.

Posted: 31-01-2018

Have you ever considered why builders are so insistent on a buyer using their nominated Solicitor?

Always remember, if you choose a Conveyancer to represent you, they will do exactly that.
If someone chooses a Conveyancer for you, who are they looking after? You, or the firm that picked them?

Posted: 25-01-2018


Since hitting a market low of 315,000 in 2009, the number of home movers has grown by 18% (or 55,300). However, the current number is still 43% below the level of 653,700 seen in 2007.

Posted: 17-01-2018

Special scheme for First Time Buyers

This includes the benefits of:
• Discounted prices
• Free preparation of the land transaction return (required on every purchase)
• Free costs indemnity scheme which covers legal costs if the buyer is gazumped or if the transaction falls through.
• Legal advice that is easy to understand- no complicated jargon!
• Assistance with Help to Buy ISA`s including drawdown of the bonus.

Posted: 10-01-2018

Misleading estimates

Clients are naturally confused about the wide range of estimates available, but should ensure that they compare “like for like”, and also take into account the level of service they are likely to receive for the fees.

Posted: 10-01-2018

All the staff at Holbrook & Co were pleasant and efficient. They are a credit to you.

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