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• Home mover market improves in 2017 with over 370,300 home movers – the highest number since 2007.
• Average home mover house price in 2017 increased by almost £6,000 to £296,731 compared to 2016.
• Greater London is the only region to see a fall in the number of home movers in the past year.
The slight increase in home movers could be a result of continued low mortgage rates and high demand for homes, which have made it easier for home movers to take the next step on the housing ladder. The increase in 2017 follows a decline in the number of home movers reported in 2016, which fell for the first in five years.
In the Warrington and Cheshire areas, Holbrook & Co have experienced a 16% increase in turnover during 2017, though this may be as much to do with increasing our market share as an increase in market activity in this area.
Since hitting a market low of 315,000 in 2009, the number of home movers has grown by 18% (or 55,300). However, the current number is still 43% below the level of 653,700 seen in 2007.
High house prices in London have adversely impacted the home mover market in the capital, with numbers of home movers falling by 6% to 22,600 in the past year – the only region to have a decline in numbers.
Over the past five years, the average price paid by home movers has grown by 44% (£90,879) from £205,852 in 2012, to £296,731 in 2017. The average deposit put down by a home mover has also increased by 45% in the past five years, from £69,089 in 2012 to £100,387 in 2017.

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I’d just like to place on record our thanks to you and your team for managing the completion in line with our challenging timeline. It was good to see that the completion went through in just over 3 weeks. Many thanks to all concerned for making it happen.

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